Labor Support: An Act of Resistance

Labor support looks at times like this.

This kind of support represents power and a form of resistance. Sistas supporting one another pushes against the negative narratives we so often hear and have internalized about one another. Let us continue to push against these narratives shifting the paradigm, restoring a greater movement that truly represents who we are and the legacy of our past.

Labor support includes walking together, breathing together, resting, holding space for one another, remaining silent, assessing the emotional temperature in the room, massaging, and of course absolute patience for the ongoing process.

Let us continue to Honor & Acknowledge our amazing ability to support one another and the power we hold within ourselves to birth.

#blackmidwives #decolonizingbirth #reducingmedicalizedbirth #stopactivelymanagingbirth #homebirth #happybaby #resilentbirth #reclaimingourpower #GranMidwivesrising #laborsupportivebirths #blackbirthmatters #resistinghostilenarratives #doulasupportivebirth #lovingmysista #restoringfaithinourbodies #warriormidwives #Midwivesrising #honoringmysistas

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