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Mission Statement

A Woman’s Way is a community-based organization whose mission is to offer women, people, families, health information and trainings, aimed at improving both Infant and Maternal health within African American Communities. Our educational forums focus on education that fosters a sense of empowerment through remembering, restoring, serving and celebrating women's ways. We empower individuals to find their way to wellness through advocating for equitable health care, sustainable self-care, sisterhood, spirituality and culturally relevant maternal and reproductive health care. "

A Woman’s Way became an established non-profit entity in 2012 and includes its founder Sakina O’Uhuru, CM, CNM who is a licensed, board-certified nurse - Midwife from a proud lineage of midwives. She has invested the last 30 years of her life mastering her craft and advocating for women's reproductive rights. AWW provides educational resources, and services that are culturally sensitive to the experiences of Black women and families to assist them in making informed choices for their reproductive and maternal health. Our staff offers over 50 years of maternal child health education and experience.

A Woman’s Way's three goals are: 1) provide maternal health educational resources; 2) provide health education to future community midwives, doulas and lactation consultants; 3) build community based partnerships focused on improving health outcomes.

A Woman’s Way's offers educational forums that address the complexities women & people of color face before during and after pregnancy. Our goal is to offer educational resources that focus on reducing risk for untoward birth outcomes. We offer educational trainings that includes risk reduction tools for preterm labor, low birth weight, perinatal infections, hypertension, and diabetes. These conditions are the leading causes for both infant and maternal mortality amongst at risk communities.

A Woman’s Way's informs communities about the practice of Midwifery and the relevance of this model and it's impact on positive birth outcomes.

Midwives offer family and women-centered care honoring the natural unfolding of pregnancy and the sacredness of the birth process. Through family-focused and culturally sensitive approaches, considering religious beliefs, racial and ethnic differences, mobility, and other cultural differences, midwives validate the sacredness of pregnancy, labor, and birth and are recognized for positive, evidence-based birth outcomes. As noted by Sandall et al (2010), “women who received models of midwife-led care were nearly eight times more likely to be attended at birth by a known midwife, were 21% less likely to experience fetal loss before 24 weeks' gestation, 19% less likely to have regional analgesia, 14% less likely to have instrumental birth, 18% less likely to have an episiotomy, and significantly more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth, initiate breastfeeding, and feel in control.”

Educational Forums
Family & Women Centered Care
Mission Statement

About AWW

two black children playing in room together.jpg

History & Mission

In 2013, A Woman’s Way was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing community educational forums that focus on reducing risk of for both maternal and infant mortality. 

A Woman's Way also offers cultural competency training, and workshops that focus on raising awareness regarding doula support and midwifery models of care, research and other healthcare initiatives aimed at reducing poor maternal outcomes in at risk communities.

History & Mission
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