A Woman’s Way is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer women health information, aimed at improving both Infant and Maternal health within African American Communities.


Our strategies include forging collaboratives with other grass roots organizations while focusing on providing educational forums to women in at risk communities regarding the importance of optimal maternal child health aimed at improving healthier perinatal outcomes.

Customers should take our courses because:


A Woman's Way offers educational forums that address the complexities women of color face before during and after pregnancy.

which include facts regarding how racism and health disparities have contributed to these outcomes. 

Our goal is to offer educational courses that focus on reducing risk for untoward birth outcomes. These courses include risk reduction tools for preterm labor, low birth weight, perinatal infections, hypertension, and diabetes.  These conditions are the leading causes for both infant and maternal mortality amongst at risk communities. 


A Woman's Way addresses the practice of Midwifery and the relevance of this model and it's impact on positive birth outcomes.

We candidly address the common challenges women of color may face socially and economically with regards to race and its impact on the disparities in reproductive healthcare.

A Woman's Way encourages women to exercise their reproductive rights throughout their entire pregnancy and birth in the way that is right for their personal labor birth journey. 

We value a consciously driven sustainable paradigm.  We teach and encourage women to choose a culturally competent providers who care to touch who dare to listen, who validates, and of course one who practices with some human dignity.


Customers choose A Woman's Way because we are providers with over 30 years of maternal child health education and experience.  We believe in creating a healthier more integrative paradigm that is invariably lead by the consumer.  Our organization and our providers believe in creating trustworthy relationships that lead to healthier lifestyles. 

A Woman's Way fosters a philosophy that is based in an integrative process that centers on women as the focal point of care.

A Woman's Way encourages and empowers women with knowledge and support to consciously choose a provider who they intuitively trust, and one who cares to integrate the medical social cultural and religious elements of each women’s life towards the management of  her pregnancy. 

We practice our principles by designing programs that Remember, Restore, Serve and Celebrate women’s ways of knowing,

healing, helping and honoring. 



Sacred Circles and Support services for all stages and needs of womanhood and motherhood utilizing Expressive and Healing Arts to help women remember their path to accessing their personal power and actualizing their creative purpose in this life.



A Woman’s Way Educational Presentations provide opportunities for women to rediscover, reclaim, renew and restore the sacred traditions of birthing, bonding, breastfeeding and becoming one’s vision as a woman. Our trainings provide tools that support women of color recognize and answer the call of duty to serve the Spirit of Birth as Birth Practitioners and offer

an approach to living and learning that restores dignity, compassion and authority to being a woman. Additionally, we restore the truth of our lived experiences through producing documentaries, multi-media projects and presentations that honor the legacy and future of womanhood and motherhood. 



A Woman’s Way serves communities of color in particular and all communities in general by petitioning for funding to provide 

  • subsidized comprehensive homebirth, supplemental support and self care services,

  • training more women of color to become Birth Practitioners to meet the Life Cycle needs of all

  • women of color,

  • creating sacred spaces for women to relate, create, gather and grow safely

  • organizing fundraising events to increase awareness and support AWW operations and programming. Helping women to live longer, healthier, happier, less stressful lives, more in alignment with nature. A Woman’s Way contributes to the health and the healing of our planet.



A Woman’s Way offers services to help women reclaim the meaning , value and purpose of their lives through every season of their life. 


In 2013, A Woman’s Way was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing community educational forums that focus on reducing risk of for both maternal and infant mortality. 

We offer empowerment workshops, that include  Birth story telling, Labor/Birth Trauma prevention, Womb Healing and other tools that help to increase healing and healthy birth awareness. 

A Woman's Way also offers cultural competency training, and workshops that focus on raising awareness regarding doula support and midwifery models of care, research and other healthcare initiatives aimed at reducing poor maternal outcomes in at risk communities.