A Woman's Way Warrior Midwife Training: Remembering Reclaiming Restoring The Legacy of Our Grand Midwives

The Purpose of this training is to help eradicate the shortage and to address the inequities in access to African American Midwives. 

This training will provide skills for a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) . The CPM is the only midwifery credential that requires knowledge of and experience with birth in out-of-hospital settings.

This training will prepare you to become an independent practitioner educated in the discipline of midwifery through apprenticeship, self-study, distinct from the discipline of nursing. After completing the program you will be a direct-entry midwife providing services based on the  Midwives Model of Care to healthy women, pregnant people, and newborns through the childbearing cycle (primarily in out-of-hospital settings including homes and free-standing birth centers) and may also provide gynecological wellness care. applications are available now at: http://www.communitybirthschool.com/awwwmt/ 

Sacred Circles Birth StoryTelling

This workshop offers women an opportunity to rediscover and find new meaning in their birth story.The purpose is to support women in personal healing from an emotionally painful disappointing or traumatizing unfulfilled labor birth experience. Women may find value in the presence of other women who may share in similar experiences. The workshop will offer tools aimed towards a future more positive birth experience. 

Healing Our Wombs

This presentation focuses on ways to identify uterine/womb imbalances.  The course will focus on healthy womb healing therapies that provide a more healthier environment for fetal growth and well being.

Diabetes Awareness In Pregnancy

This course offers information on early signs & symptoms of diabetes as well as nutritional health information aimed at reducing risk for diabetes during pregnancy. The course will  also focus on yoga, creative movement and other restorative work that promotes wellness. 

Nutrition & Wellness

This presentation focuses on optimal health for woman during & after childbearing years.  The course will provide information for healthy mind, body, & spirit-lifestyle living.

Early Prenatal Care

This workshop will present the health benefits associated with early entrance into care during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Reducing Your Risk For Preterm Labor

This course is designed to provide evidence based health options aimed at reducing risk for hypertension and preterm labor.  This course will focus on stress reduction integrating how racism and health disparities has played a role in this pervasive diagnosis.  Integrative therapies including nutrition, music, meditation and expressive art will be introduced as options for risk reduction and healing.

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