Learn Two Ways To Avoid Cesarean Section

Choose a Midwife

  • Choose an out of hospital birth option

Pregnant Mom

Midwives have a lower cesarean-section rate than physician led deliveries.

In a 2011 systematic review comparing cesarean section rates of women cared for by physicians and by certified nurse midwives, significantly lower cesarean rates for women cared for by CNMs was reported.

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies — about 45 percent of the total — were better off in the hands of midwives than hospital doctors during birth, according to new guidelines by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Bennhold, K., & Saint Louis, C. (2014, December 3). British Regulator Urges Home Births Over Hospitals for Uncomplicated Pregnancies. The New York Times.

A 2006 review of three decades’ worth of data, however, found that continuous monitoring offered very little benefit for the majority of births actually it was associated with a higher rate of C-sections and vaginal deliveries with forceps. Declerq, 2010

Midwives intervene cautiously and only when it’s medically necessary. Midwives affirm the power and strength of women and provide safe satisfying labor birth experiences that support the normal physiological process of birth.

Out of hospital birth is safe for low risk women. The majority of planned out of hospital births are uneventful and safe. ACNM 2008, Transformative Maternal Care Vision Team et al., 2010

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